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Matchmaker Services for Jewish Singles


At “Global Match” we provide unlimited dating service. This service ends only when you, as a member, find your match and get married. Same goes to finding a life-time partner.

Our motto: A customer is satisfied only when we introduce him or her to their ideal Jewish match. There is no limitation of how many matches we introduce clients to. We want our clients to be completely satisfied and happy.

Ilana Gutman, your personal matchmaker, is available for you throughout the relationship. She’d like to know what you liked/disliked about the person you dated, so she can give you an advice for future dates. This helps her to understand better what kind of a person you’d like to meet.


At “Global Match” we work by matching Jewish singles based on common interests and life goals. We review the details you provide us on the “Member Information” form and we also take detailed notes during in-person meetings with you.

When we find a potential match, we contact the woman first. If she agrees, the man will receive her phone number to call her. After the first date we expect both sides to contact us, letting us know if you are willing to continue seeing the other person or not. If you find a love connection, we will put your membership on hold while you explore the relationship. If the date is not successful for both sides, we continue sending you on more dates until you find a match.

Your membership at “Global Match” will end only when you find your match & get married!


Born & Raised in Israel, Ilana Gutman became inspired to become a matchmaker when she was a young girl. When she was only 13 years old her suddenly father passed away at the age of 39. Her mother became a widow when she was only 36, with four children to raise on her own.

The struggles her mother had to endure as a single mom taught Ilana that no matter a person’s age or marital status, every individual deserves and needs a partner with which to share their life.

Ilana married her high-school sweetheart. They are still happily married and raising four children. After graduating college she opened her fist matchmaking office in Haifa, Israel. With great success, a good reputation and high demand she opened up 3 other offices in 3 different cities around Israel. Thanks to her great success over the years, there are many happy couples who have met through her matchmaking service.

When she moved to the United States she decided to open her first office in Encino California, and then opened satellite offices in New York, Florida and Nevada.

Ilana will be happy to meet each and every one of you for a personal interview, to help you find your match.


Born and raised in Israel,  Dorit is married with 3 grown-up children.

Dorit was our main office manager in Tel Aviv Israel from day one. She has a lot of experience in matching Jewish singles. She has helped match more than 5,000 Jewish singles, which makes her an expert in Jewish dating.

Dorit will be in close contact with you from your first initial phone call, and during the introduction to your potential match(es).

She will be available for any questions or concerns you might have.

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