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Ilana Gutman’s My Global Match | עברית גירסה

My Global Match is an upscale match-making service that helps serious Jewish singles find long-term relationships and marriage. Our Jewish dating service is designed for Jewish Singles who are tired of endless anonymous dating and want to want to settle down and find their Jewish “Bashert” or soulmate.

Ilana Gutman, the Founder and CEO of My Global Match, started her matchmaking service in Haifa, more than 20 years ago. After experiencing the death of her father and seeing her mother struggle as a single parent, Ilana made it her life’s purpose to help lonely Jewish singles find their soul-mates.

Since starting her business in Israel, she has expanded to four cities around the world; New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Haifa. Ilana now lives in California with her husband of 30 years and three children.

Please be aware that we only work with Jewish Singles.

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