JSwipe Online Dating Review

JSwipe is an online dating service geared toward Jewish singles. It was launched over the Passover holidays, over the weekend of April, 2021, by creator David Yarus and his three partners under the company name Smooch Labs. It’s free to join and they plan to offer a premium dating service later on in the future. At this point, JSwipe offers many of the same features as other premium dating services like photo uploads, online searching, messaging, online profiles, live video chat, and so much more. It’s simple to sign up for, requires no membership fees, and has a very simple user interface.

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As you might imagine, given its very simple layout, JSwipe attracts some very young people. Many of them come to the site looking for a soul mate. JSwipe isn’t like other online dating sites in that it doesn’t force anyone to buy anything or make any commitments before being matched up with someone, which is probably it’s biggest appeal. You can just get online, browse through the categories, choose the one that best fits your needs, and then start contacting other users until you find a date.

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Like other online dating services, JSwipe has some security issues that users need to be aware of. First, the actual email service is not private. Every email that you send to this site is sent publicly over the server, so there are actually quite a few of them going around. The good news is that there is a JSwipe password generator within the system, which allows you to create a password that will make it so that if someone does get hold of your email, they can’t access your profile. It’s important to remember, though, not to use any passwords you’ve used in the past. Using your family, friends, or work email address can prevent a lot of people from getting in.

Speaking of safety, JSwipe has a spam filter built in to their system. If you have any sort of email address, you will have to manually enter it onto the system, which can be a huge pain. By using a JSwipe user name and password, you can be assured that no one will be able to access it. This alone can eliminate a lot of safety concerns.

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Like many social networking sites, JSwipe does have some security issues. Anyone can create an account and view everyone else’s information, which means that there is a chance of getting your information mixed up. There have been reports of identity fraud, but as long as you take precautions, you should be alright.

Overall, JSwipe has a ton of nice features and benefits. They provide a great interface for those who don’t have much experience in online dating. Their security measures are solid, and their community is large and active. There are few online dating sites that offer everything that JSwipe does.